Get ready for an exciting game of hockey once the puck drops. The Nashville Predators helps to deliver the massive hit that you dodging on your site in Music City.  The name is Smashville, and we hope you get to experience it.




Home Team

Away Team


October 9

Nashville Predators vs.

Calgary Flames

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October 11

Nashville Predators vs.

Winnipeg Jets

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October 13

Nashville Predators vs.

New York Islanders

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October 15

Nashville Predators vs.

Minnesota Wild

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October 23

Nashville Predators vs.

San Jose Sharks

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October 27

Nashville Predators vs.

Edmonton Oilers

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October 30

Nashville Predators vs.

Las Vegas Knights

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November 3

Nashville Predators vs.

Boston Bruins

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November 17

Nashville Predators vs.

Los Angeles Kings

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November 19

Nashville Predators vs.

Tampa Bay Lightning

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November 21

Nashville Predators vs.

St. Louis Blues

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November 25

Nashville Predators vs.

Anaheim Ducks

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November 27

Nashville Predators vs.

Colorado Avalanche

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November 29

Nashville Predators vs.

Arizona Coyotes

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December 1

Nashville Predators vs.

Chicago Blackhawks

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December 3

Nashville Predators vs.

Buffalo Sabers

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December 11

Nashville Predators vs.

Ottawa Senators

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December 13

Nashville Predators vs.

Vancouver Canucks

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December 15

Nashville Predators vs.

New Jersey Devils

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December 27

Nashville Predators vs.

Dallas Stars

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December 29

Nashville Predators vs.

New York Rangers

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January 1

Nashville Predators vs.

Philadelphia Flyers

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January 15

Nashville Predators vs.

Washington Capitals

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January 17

Nashville Predators vs.

Winnipeg Jets

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January 19

Nashville Predators vs.

Florida Panthers

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February 2

Nashville Predators vs.

Dallas Stars

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February 5

Nashville Predators vs.

Arizona Coyotes

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February 7

Nashville Predators vs.

Dallas Stars

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February 10

Nashville Predators vs.

St. Louis Blues

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February 12

Nashville Predators vs.

Detroit Red Wings

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February 14

Nashville Predators vs.

Montreal Canadiens

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February 21

Nashville Predators vs.

Los Angeles Kings

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February 23

Nashville Predators vs.

Colorado Avalanche

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February 25

Nashville Predators vs.

Edmonton Oilers

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March 5

Nashville Predators vs.

Minnesota Wild

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March 9

Nashville Predators vs.

Carolina Hurricanes

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March 19

Nashville Predators vs.

Toronto Maple Leafs

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March 21

Nashville Predators vs.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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March 30

Nashville Predators vs.

Columbus Blue Jackets

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April 4

Nashville Predators vs.

Vancouver Canucks

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April 6

Nashville Predators vs.

Chicago Blackhawks

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Nashville Neighborhood – The Gulch

The Gulch has a perfect blend of industrial background and modern contemporary style. It has now become a hot spot for the youth. The old warehouses have been renovated into office spaces and residences. It also has a vibrant nightlife and an upscale restaurant that makes it the hottest neighborhood in Nashville


The Gulch holds a variety of restaurants with different and unique styles that are sure to match your appetite and taste whatsoever.

  • The 404 Kitchen
    Filled with provisions and produce from local farms to provide a menu with a modern take on  European cuisine.
  • Adele’s by Jonathan Waxman
    The Wax man’s famous JW chicken dish is known of the Menu changes that help to ensure the freshness of seasonal ingredients.
  • Bar Louie
    The Bar lounge is traditionally and regionally inspired with handcrafted signature martinis and a menu of American food.
  • Biscuit Love
     Bruce cocktails and fluffy biscuit dishes.
  • Chauhan Ale & Masala House
    This is an Indian-inspired restaurant by Chef Maneet Chauhan. It is a microbrewery and gastropub filled with spicy food and tasty drinks.
  • City Fire
    A standard American restaurant with a timeless vibe and an eccentric décor. It features a tremendous scratchy made comfort food.
  • Kayne Prime
    A beautiful steakhouse with an American feature that involves an upscale and modern interpretation with artisanal cocktails and market-driven menus.
  • Little Octopus
    A restaurant that provides Ingredients from here serves flavors from everywhere and has an option for everyone.
  • The Mockingbird
    A modern dinner with a different menu for everyone.
  • Moto
    This modern Italian cuisine with a sophisticated, comfortable, and chic vibe.
  • Otaku Ramen
    This is a bar and shop that feature the famous traditional Ramen and local bounty of Middle Tennessee.
  • Party Fowl
    Provides an exotic drink menu coupled with the usual Nashville hot chicken.
  • Peg Leg Porker BBQ
    A Nashville restaurant that specializes in Memphis style barbecue.
  • Saint Anejo
    Nashville’s rock ‘n’ roll, cantina-chic restaurant features inspired Mexican cuisine, Latin mixology, and a premium tequila and mezcal menu of over 120 labels.
  • Sambuca
    A place to drink, dine and dance away.
  • Sunda
    Offers signature dishes with an Asian twist
  • UP, a Rooftop Lounge
    The lounge offers impressive treats, handcrafted drinks, and a beautiful view of the Nashville skyline.
  • Virago
    An Upscale Japanese restaurant with a sushi bar and late night cocktail lounge.
  • Whiskey Kitchen
    The kitchen’s menu is a mix of southern classics, wood-fired pizzas, and a chef inspired pub.


Station Inn is one of the first homes of Nashville that offer live acoustic music and authentic bluegrass. It was anchored since 1974 in the Gulch. The Inn has always kept it simple with beer, pizza, and the best bluegrass and American music. The doors open from 7 pm and music starts at 9. Some cold spots in the area are Nashville Boot Co., Lucchese Bootmaker, and Two Old Hippies.

Things To Do:

  • Colts Chocolates
  • Local Tastes of Nashville
  • Station Inn


  • Lucchese Bootmaker
  • Nashville Boot Co.
  • Two Old Hippies


If you want to fully experience Music City, then you might want to stay for some nights. Below are some excellent Vacation Rentals at Music City Loft (voted best in Nashville) that are sure to give you a wonderful experience.

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nashville

Nashville, popularly known as the Music city, lies in the capital of Tennessee in the state of Cumberland River. The city is proclaimed the “Athens of the South” because of its numerous universities and colleges. It was founded in 1779, and it became a capital for country music. It also has its roots in finance of the state.

The city is the best starting point for the exploration of Tennessee. Its surroundings are rich in recreational and historical attractions like the civil war sites and the old plantations.

1. Music Row: The Heart of Nashville

Music Row is arguably the heart and soul of the nation’s music. It is the area that surrounds the famous Music Square. Many plaques and memorials are associating to music in the area. Apart from that, there are numerous memorabilia and souvenir dedicated to music and musicians just for sale.

It also has a special treat for the Country fans, the Country Music Hall of Fame is sure to be mesmerizing. The hub of Nashville is also connected to other musical genres like gospels and RnB.  The Music Row is filled with recording studios, radio, record labels, and TV stations. It is one the best places to connect to your music whether you are shopping, sight-seeing, or just having fun.

2. The Nashville Parthenon

The Nashville Parthenon is located in Centennial Park, just a few minutes to the city center. It was originally built with wood in 1897 and was later reconstructed with cement on the same site. The 19th and 20th-century American painters made a 42-foot-high replica of Athena Parthenos covered with gold leaf. Another notable attraction in this region is the replica of the 5th Century BC Parthenon Marbles.

3. The Grand Ole Opry

The name Opry has a lot of attractions attached to it, some of them include The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Conventional center, General Jackson, the huge Opry Mills shopping mall, and much more. The Grand Ole Opry started broadcasting since 1925; it created an avenue for visitors to enjoy the regular show with Ole Opry himself, along with backstage tours.

General Jackson also helps you to get your Country music fix. It has a prevalent four-deck paddle-wheel showboat that is a replica of the steamship from the 1800s, with other varieties of cruises, including show and dining packages. Other attractions in the area are the Friends Museum and General Store, the Willie Nelson, the Nashville Opera, and the Texas Troubadour Theatre.

4. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a scintillating building located in the heart of downtown Nashville. Its windows resemble the keys of a piano. The museum features different attractions like the multi-media display of costumes, historical performances, gold records, memorabilia, and instruments. Other attraction to look forward to in the museum includes a Cadillac that once belonged to Elvis, a tour bus, a recording booth, and a massive 40-foot guitar.

5. The Tennessee State Capitol

The Tennessee State Capitol is located in the most prominent hill in downtown Nashville. It has a temple-like lantern shape with neoclassical style. The construction of the building started in 1845, and the foundations were made with local Tennessee limestone, the structure serves as an anchor to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall and also links with the downtown core. Different guided tours are available in daylight at no expense.

On Legislative days, the public galleries are also open. Inside the building is the Tennessee State Museum which is filled with different exhibits from prehistoric to civil war periods. The museum also displays different paintings, furniture, and weapons. The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State is an attraction on its own, it has a 19-acre site commemorates, and it features huge granite map located in the concrete plaza with other numerous statues and fountains of Presidents Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson.

6. Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium is home to the Grand Ole Opry 1943-1974. The Auditorium was opened in 1974, and it was usually referred to as the ‘Carnegie Hall of the South”. It has been restored and now used to host performances of the famous radio show. It is also used as a museum with varieties of exhibits. Guided tours are available at your disposal but make sure you leave with a personal record in the Ryman recording studio.

7. The Belle Meade Plantation

The Belle Meade Plantation is just a few minutes to the city; it is a beautiful mansion build in 1845 in Greek-Revival style. The civil war of Nashville featured the building where Confederate and Union forces fought against each other in its backyard. It has a massive stone column that shows evidence of gunfire. The mansion is filled with fun seasonal programs and culinary experiences with the guided tours there to help out. There are also grounds and gardens with many 19th-century buildings that are worth exploring.

8. Downtown Presbyterian Church

The beautiful Downtown Presbyterian Church is an exemplary example of Egyptian Revival architecture. The Church is one of the numerous churches in Nashville. The Egyptian theme is continued with the inside decoration of the building, that is; the stained glass window, the woodwork, and the paintings. The building was originally designed to function as a hospital during the civil war. Different events and services are allowed in the building, and guided tours are available for exploration.

9. Fort Nashborough

The Fort Nashborough is established by pioneers in 1780 when James Roberson led them across Cumberland River. The first fort lasted until 1792. The reconstruction features a modern-day touch that provided an insight into the lives of the early settlers.

10. Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is the best place to explore and imagine the plains of Africa, the species of Animals in Asia, and the rainforests of South America. Some of the animals on display include the Baird tapirs, toucans, Bengal tigers, and leopards. There is also an Aviary with over 50 species of Australian parrots and other natural attractions like the Wilderness Express Train, Wild Animal Carousel, and the Gym Jungle where kids can swing, slide, crawl, climb, and explore nature.



NASHVILLE– NFL has announced that our very Own Music City will host the 2019 NFL Draft which will hold on 25-27 April 2019. The Nashville Convention and Visitors Corps has partnered with the Tennessee Titans to lead the bid process for the whole city.

This NFL Draft is set to provide a turn-out of about 20,000-30,000 out-of-town visitors, which will generate lots of hotel bookings. The three-day event is also set to be broadcast on four networks which create national marketing for the city.


Mayor David Briley “The NFL Draft serves just another wonderful opportunity to introduce sports to Nashville and also show off the city. I appreciate all the hard work of the Titans, and the Convention & Visitors Corp and others for winning the bid. We can’t wait to host the league’s future stars, 31 NFL team, the fans, and the international and national next spring.”

Amy Adams Strunk, Tennessee Titans Controlling Owner: “ The city of Nashville is still amazing for getting being the host of the 2019 NFL Draft. The Titan and the whole city has put a lot of energy into this proposal and can’t wait to a see it happen next year. I would love to thank NFL and Commissioner Goodell for this rare opportunity. I would also like to thank Scott Ramsey at the Sports Council, Metro Nashville Government, Butch Spyridon and every other individual that contributed to this event. Nashville is an entertainment destination, and we can’t wait to show the football world what it’s like on a larger stage”.

“Nashville is honored to host the 2019 NFL Draft. We are prepared to deliver a unique Music City experience and an NFL-caliber event. I would like to thank the Titans and owner, Amy Adams Strunk, for their support and the NFL for their confidence.”

Butch Spyridon, president, and CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp: “The Music City is honored for the wonderful opportunity of hosting the 2019 NFL Draft. We are thrilled to present the best of Nashville experience and NFL caliber event. I would like to show appreciation to the owner of Titans, Amy Adams Strunk, and the whole team for the support, and NFL for its confidence in us”.

Over 2000 credentialed media covered the event that was held in April 2018, and over 45 million broadcast viewers were watching it throughout the three days in three national networks.

Philadelphia recorded over $56.1 million on direct spending and around $7?9 million on local and state taxes when it hosted the 2017 NFL Draft.  The Rooney night sold figure was 18,991 with over 250 000 attendance within the three states representing 42 states.


Nashville: The History Of The Iconic Music City

Nashville is one of the prominent cities when it comes to music. Music served as a way to connect the people in the city. Different tourists have visited Nashville to experience the exceptional music that has found its way into the culture, lifestyle, and business of the people.

When you’re done reading the rich history of Nashville, make sure you come and experience it firsthand. The complete guide to Music City museums and historical attractions can be found at;


The earliest settlement of Nashville city can be traced back to the 1700s. This century was characterized with buck dancing and fiddles tunes and later embarking on the shores of Cumberland River. The very first celebrity of Nashville city is Congressman Davy Crockett who was known for his fiddle playing and colorful stories.


Nashville became a recognized center for music publishing in the beginnings of 1800. The Fisk Jubilee Singers from the Nashville’s Fisk University did the first world tour by a musical act in the city. All their efforts were rewarded when Nashville became a global music center, and slaves from Civil war were educated. It was the Queen of England that stated “the Fisk Jubilee Singers must have come from the Music City,” and thus the name came to being.

History of Iconic Venues In Nashville

In 1982, Captain Tom Ryman built the “Union Gospel Tabernacle”. It immediately became the largest auditorium in the south of Ohio River and was later nicknamed the “Carnage Hall of the South.” It enticed different caliber of fans and musicians all over the world and became one of the most famous venues in Nashville till this moment. The Auditorium bagged in seven “Theatre of the year” of Polistar magazine’s prestigious award in ten years.

One of the musical concerts in the building is the Fisk Jubilee Singers which got its name in honor of Captain Ryman’s death in1904.

Lula Naff managed the auditorium from 1904 to 1955. She was able to book different top musical acts that include Louis Armstrong, John Philip Sousa, Marian Anderson, Caruso, and Nat King Cole.

Lula Naff was also the one that bought the Grand Ole Opry that played on every weekend till 1974. A lot of Country Music Hall of Fame stars performed at the Opry, some of them includes Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Charley Pride, Patsy Cline, and George Jones.

Nashville reputation for music was reassured when the Grand Ole Opry, a radio station WSM, was launched. This helped to spark the durable nickname of the music city. The Opry also became a huge success and staged live every week. It is now also America’s Longest-running radio show that has served for more than 90 years and counting. It helped the ignite the glow of music city, making it a center for touring and recording. The modern-day empire of Music Row, entertainment offices, a collection of recording studios, record labels, and other business-related building filled the areas of the 16th and 17th avenues South.

Bluegrass music was first performed on this iconic stage in December 1945. Chubby Wise played the fiddle, Bill Monroe on mandolin, Ryman and Lester Flatt played the guitar, and Earl Scruggs who plays the banjo joined the group to complete the group.

Today marks 125 years for the Ryman as the one of the prominent concert venue in America. It became a place where different stars play. Some of the famous stars that have played in the area include Diana Ross, The Foo Fighters, Neil Diamond, and much more.

The Ryman is also available for daily tours and visitations. The visitors can stand on the famous stage, watch a documentary about the building, see Ryman memorabilia, and also view the clothes of the Opry performers.


Nashville has helped inspire different songwriters all over the world which arises to its nickname “Songwriting Capital of the world.” There is a famous Bluebird Café that allows a songwriter to perform their music intimately and share the inspiration behind the songs. The NSAI(Nashville Songwriters Association International ) which helps to protect the songwriters’ rights is also headquartered there. Over 300 songwriters performed at venues around town in five days.

Cable television has also helped in broadcasting Nashville around the world. Nashville Bobby Jones hosted a gospel music series on Black Entertainment Television for 37 successful years. CMT and GAC have also helped to take Music City worldwide.

CMT achieved a worldwide population and is in its 5th season. It featured several landmarks, venues, art pieces, and even fashion.

Walk of Fame Park – Story of Music City

Nashville is now a hub for different genres of music that includes Jazz, classical, blues, soul music, rock, pop, and bluegrass. It was also given “Best Music Scene” by Rolling Stone recently. Different modern and famous artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Black Peas, and Bon Jovi has come to the city to write and record their music. Some of them have also chosen to call Nashville their home.

It also lays claims to North America’s largest volume producing vinyl record plant, United Record Pressing. It was opened in 1949, and it has helped to record music for notable figures in music like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, and Bob Dylan.

The home of the renowned GRAMMY award-winning Nashville Symphony, The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is anchored in the outskirts part of town along the route of the recently renoated Music Mile. The center serves as a roadway that connects over $123 million Symphony Center and the music district of Music Row. The Music Row is the new and vibrant entertainment venue on Demonbreun Street. It is also the first center for the Visual Arts, the Music City Wall of Fame, Bridgestone Arena, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Music Mile also serves as a perfect illustration of how music is entangled in the business, entertainment, and cultural sectors of Nashville.

Live performances and musical scenery can be seen and heard almost every corner, every night and day in Nashville. The famous Honkytonks that is located on Broadway can offer free live music every year. The city features almost every genre of music with over 180 musical venues around the town ranging from large arenas to small clubs and concerts.

The musical connection of Nashville to music cannot be rivaled. The reputation of the city has been proven consistently for over 200 years. Welcome to the city where good music is made every single day. You’re sure to find your preference, no matter your taste. Welcome to Music City.

Places To Stay in Music City Nashville, TN?

Stay {somewhere} Awesome! That’s our motto and for good reason! Music City Loft guarantees an authentic Nashville experience as we invite our guests to live like a local (even if it is just for a few days)! Whether it’s for a business trip or vacation getaway if you’re looking to find Nashville lofts for rent you’ve come to the right place. Stay at our amenity-packed, luxurious  Music City Loft Nashville Vacation Rentals.

10 Things You Can Only Do in Nashville For Kids and Families

Nashville is one of the best towns to experience a perfect mix of education, entertainment, and adventure. Music City invites you to experience what makes it unique. When you get to the city, make sure you see the new and improved things Nashville had to offer. Experience how Ms. Cheap enjoys Music City for free with “Ms. Cheap’s Guide to Summer 2018: 94 free things to do in Nashville.”

Visit Adventure Science Center –
Make sure you and your kids visit the Adventure Science Center to experience and learn the wonders of science and the universe, how the body works, and other interactive exhibits. The center also has different exciting stuff for the family like the Virtual Reality studio, Adventure Tower, and the state-of-the-art Sudekum Planetarium.
Talk to the Animals –
There is an interactive Nashville Zoo at Grassmere that is interesting for everyone. Your whole family can enjoy and explore beautiful habitats like the Spider Monkeys, and the kids can climb and swing in the Jungle Gym. The adult can also have a tour of the Grassmere Historic home. There is also the guest favorite Kangaroo “Kickabout” and the treetop passage exhibit. You also get to see different animals around the world that includes Clouded Leopards, Red Pandas, Caribbean Flamingos, Massimo Giraffe, White Rhinoceros, and much more.
Rock Out –
Visit Rocketown with your teenage kids and enjoy live entertainment, a recording studio, an indoor skatepark, and art, photography, and dance studios.
Rev Your Engines –
One of the places you should visit with your kids is the Lane Motor Museum. It is one of the few Motor Museum in the whole of America that’s specialized in European cars. Over 150 motorcycles and vehicles not typically seen in America are on display. It has the largest Tatra collection outside Europe, competition cars, a substantial microcar collection, amphibious vehicles, and a collection of motorcycles.

Best of Theatre –

The Nashville’s Children Theatre provides a series of plays for families and kids by professionals with year-round drama experience. The Theatre is one of the best theatres in the United States by TIME magazine.

Experience Nashville’s Past –
This is a chance for you and your family to learn about the Tennessee State Museum and the Civil War. There also the Fort Negley, which was the largest stone fortification, built in the Civil War. Another superb location to visit is the Belle Meade Plantation, a famous Thoroughbred horse farm that has now become a museum and historic sites. Other fun places to visit with your family include the tall indoor structure at Centennial Park and the full-sized reproduction of the Greek Parthenon.
Enjoy Fresh Air-
One of the best places to enjoy fresh air is the Cheekwood Estate $ Gardens. It features sculpture trails, 55 acres of nature and garden, and different family fun events. Cheekwood is filled with tools like the artfully trimmed trees and Cookie Decorating to give you a unique holiday experience.
Explore the Music in Music City –
Nashville is one of the best places to experience music firsthand. Check out the Country Music Hall of Fame and enjoy the rich history of country music. The famous Grand Ole Opry will also be a good experience for your family especially if you love Country music. Don’t forget to check out the original Bluebird Café where songwriters perform and talk about their songs in an intimate round setting.
Enjoy the wave –
Nashville Shores is a haven for fun with the eight most massive waterslides in the state, a wave pool, jet ski rentals, giant pools, and a kayak Cove. You also get to take your family to the thrilling zip line tour in AdventureWorks. If you’re the type that loves fun with nature, enjoy the 40 acres old-growth forest with an obstacle course that high in the trees, full of ropes, broken bridges, and nets.
Seasonal Events –
Music City is always fun no matter the time of year. Nashville has different annual events full of various activities for the whole family. You can learn more about these events on the Featured Events page.

Places To Stay in Nashville, TN

Stay {somewhere} Awesome! That’s our motto and for good reason! Music City Loft guarantees an authentic Nashville experience as we invite our guests to live like a local (even if it is just for a few days)! Whether it’s for a business trip or vacation getaway if you’re looking to find Nashville lofts for rent you’ve come to the right place!

7 Most Exotic Camping Spots in Nashville

There are more than enough amenities available in Nashville’s Campground to cater for your needs whether you’re traveling or you want to enjoy the stars, Welcome to Nashville Camp.


• Metro Center/North Nashville
• 105 South Main Street, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, 37072

Enjoy Goodlettsville’s historical sites, the welcoming smiles of the locals, inviting eateries, and the eclectic shops. Take your time to enjoy the eccentric tastes, sounds, and sites of the charming city. The city is just 15 minutes drive to Nashville International Airport, twelve minutes to downtown Nashville and 24 hours around two-thirds of the country.
Goodlettsville is a desirable place to get people around. It has a highly traveled interstate that passes through Goodlettsville with two intersections of the nation’s busiest interstate and three exits off the interstate.

There are plenty of trails and parks for nature lovers to experience the fresh air of Tennessee’s beautiful weather. The Mossy Wright trails, a 150 acres park consists of amenities like the walking trails, a dog park, historic trails, and sporting venues, and numerous picnic areas. The park is the cornerstone of Goodlettsville parks system and the winner of Little League World Series National Champions in 2012. The Peavy park is one of the oldest parks in Goodlettsville. Amenities in the park include a playground area, a tennis court, and a splash pad.

There’s always something for you in Goodlettsville whether you want to relax outdoors, dine, or sight-seeing in the Historic Antique District. This is probably why Goodlettsville has become a must-go for everyone.


• Outside Davidson County
• 1437 Cumberland Caverns Road, McMinnville, Tennessee, 37110

Find yourself in the largest show cave in Tennessee that’s also an official U.S natural Landmark. This Cavern is open all day of the week with daytime adventure trips, daily scenic walking tours, and camping and spelunking in the cave.


• Outside Davidson County
• 8000 Highway 13 South, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, 37078

This ranch is just sixty minutes to Nashville in the countryside. Explore Frontier Homestead, a simulated coal mine, and Loretta’s Plantation Home. It is also home to the Grist Mill Museum, Native American Artifact Museum, and the Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum.

The Ranch also provides an event center for different occasions. Don’t forget to visit the western store and gift shops. Other services rendered by the Ranch includes an RV park, outdoor pool, wrangler camp and fishing, and primitive camping.


Airport/Donelson 4001 Bell Road, Nashville, Tennessee, 37076

This coastline offers a 385 acre of family recreation destination located just 10 miles to downtown Nashville. The coastline is full of first-class amenities like the Lakeview cabins, the water park, high ropes and zip lines courses, and 20 group event sites, pontoon boat rentals, 310-slip marina.

The water park is also equipped with Tennessee’s widest lazy river, a wave pool, Kowabunga Beach, a massive tree house and spray ground, three pools, and kayaks. The Nashville Shores is also equipped with free lake cruises on board the Shoreline, horseshoes, volleyball, and much more for toes that loves to stay dry.


• Wedgewood/Houston
• 500 Wedgewood Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203

The Fairgrounds of Nashville is one of the prominent camping areas of Nashville that has been in operation for 109 years. The place is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities like conferences, concerts, trade shows, special events, and different meetings.

The property maintains up to 8 building with a 120,00 square feet area made especially for indoor meetings and events. The city houses Nashville Flea Market, Nashville Speedway, and Tennessee State Fair. The town is few minutes to downtown Nashville with direct interstate access.


Airport/Donelson 4001 Bell Road, Nashville, Tennessee, 37076
Located just 10 miles from downtown Nashville and one minute from I-40 (Exit 221B)

The Treetop Adventure Park is one of the natural havens situated in the beautiful woods of Nashville Shores. The park is an aerial adventure course that features up to 100 obstacles including ten zip lines, suspended bridges, ladders, cargo nets, Tarzan jumps, and a lot more. The place is a perfect location either you want a solo fun, or you want the whole family experience. The park is also good to have events and parties with friends and families.


Opryland/Music Valley 2616 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, Tennessee, 37214

This is a family owned campground with friendly staffs, clean facilities, and free morning coffee. Things to look forward to include: Two Rivers campground are 24/7 available tours, exciting live entertainment, Tonk area, shuttle bus, and much more.

Best Of Nashville: Bus Tours

Soak in Nashville With A Cross-City Bus Tour That Hits The Most Exotic Attractions

Discover Nashville: $78

Enjoy a beautiful ride of Discover Nashville to experience the sound and sights of Music City through this 3.5-hour journey. Visitors can choose between morning and afternoon departure to get both educational after entertaining experience guide through famous landmarks like the Roman Auditorium, historical Riverfront Park, the Country Music Hall, the Tennessee State Capitol, and Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Pick-up and Drop-off are available to and from your Nashville hotel and admission is included in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Ryman Auditorium.


3.5-hour tour of Nashville Admission to Ryman Auditorium – “the Mother Church of Country Music” Admission to Museum Nashville Hotel and The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Pick-Up and Drop-Off.

What to Expect 

Every Visitors gets a downtown hotel pickup, and the journey is then set on an eathful Motorcoach for a beautiful view of Nashville’s sounds and sights.

You are also expected to pass through different historical places like the Riverfront Park, Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Nissan Stadium, Bicentennial Capitol Mall, the Parthenon in Centennial Park, the Tennessee State Capitol, and much more.

After this, you can spend some quality time in the Historic Ryman Auditorium, considered as the “Mother Church of Country Music “ and also one of the most popular music venues in the world. You can stop by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for a personal tour to the $37 million musical experience.  Admission to both of these places is included. You’ll also get to hear delightful facts and stories from the tour guide about the past and present of Music City. A hotel drop-off ends the journey.


Memphis Day Trip with VIP Access to Graceland from Nashville: $175

With Memphis, you get to have VIP access to Graceland. The journey entails a 15-hour trip from Nashville, and you get to set your gaze on the home of Elvis Presley and an hour tour of the famous Sun Studios. You also get to have hotel transportation which gives you the ease you need throughout your journey.


Full-day trip from Memphis to Nashville for 14 hours, Air-conditioned coach VIP pass to Graceland on a lanyard. An hour tour to Sun Studios which gives you time to see the Peabody and Beale Street. Hotel Pickup and drop-off are also available at most Nashville Hotels.

What to expect

A VIP treatment awaits you are Graceland, get ready at your lobby early in the morning for your trip to Memphis. You get to travel by an air-conditioned coach that takes approximately  4 hours to arrive at your destination.  When you get there, you’ll be given a VIP pass on a souvenir lanyard to Graceland.

You also get to explore the area for 3 hours with your guide. You get to see the Elvis Car Museum, the two deluxe planes that Elvis used for personal travels and tours, and his burial ground. You will have the luxury of free time for exploration and lunch. After this, you get to see the Sun Studios, a famous recording Studios possessed by Sam Phillips in downtown Memphis.  The place is one of the founding rocks of rock ‘n’ roll in the city.

Your one hour journey will include stories about the recording process and the many legends of the studio’s love Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley himself. After this, you can advance to Beale Street for exploration, make sure to try the famous Memphis barbecue and also visit the Memphis Soul Museum. The Peabody Hotel is worth your time with the duck moving down the red carpet. You also get to return to Nashville with a  drop-off at your designated hotel.


Insider Tour of ‘Nashville’ Film Locations: $63

One of the most fun ways to experience a real-life tour of the city is through Insider Tour. The tour features real-life filming locations of hit TV series like Music’s city very own ‘Nashville.’ You also get to visit the homes of the TV series stars like Deacon Claybourne, Rayna Jaymes, Juliette Barnes, and Scarlett O’Connor.  There is also an exclusive presentation provided by the Bluebird Café on Thursdays. Tours on Sunday also includes a visit to the Ryman Auditorium. Pick-up and drop-off are available for downtown Nashville hotel.


The famous Bluebird Café provides a classical Avenue for songwriters on Thursdays, while every Sunday, the Ryman Auditorium gives a tour on filming locations used in Nashville TV series. A visit to the home of the TV series stars and an inside scoop to the series is a bonus to the tourists. Also, the travelers get to see the authentic Bluebird Café and other culturally infused and historical landmarks of the city.

What to Expect

Travelers get to see real-life filming locations of the TV series Nashville after a downtown Nashville hotel pickup.

Get some scoops and facts about the TV show. You also get to see the home of some of the characters like Rayna Jaymes, Scarlett O’Connor, Juliette Barnes, and Deacon Claybourne. Check out the original Bluebird Café that provides country and acoustic music. You also get to see an exclusive presentation on Thursdays and visit the Ryman Auditorium on Sundays to experience the launch and mark of countless artists like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks.

Nashville Trolley Tour: $39

4.5-star rating: Recommended 121 Reviews Tour code: 3131NTT

Location: Nashville, Tennessee Duration: 60 minutes (approx.)

The best way to experience the Music City is through this tour. It’s an hour trolley tour that gives you an experience of music city and its best attracting through its educational and entertaining journey. You get to see over 100 points of attraction like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Ryman Auditorium, Vanderbilt University, the Parthenon, and more with a like commentary from a tour conductor.


Enjoy an entertaining tour throughout the city with an open trolley to see attractions Luke the Ryman Auditorium, Vanderbilt University, Fort Nashborough, and more.

What to Expect

Experience the city of Nashville and its best attractions through this educational and entertaining trolley tour.
Board the green and traditional red trolleys and get a full experience the sights and live commentary of beautiful stories and facts about the city from an expert tour guide Who Knows everything about the city. Visit some popular sites and attractions of the city like the replica of the Parthenon in the Athens, the Parthenon at Centennial Park. There is also Music Row, the nest of Nashville entertainment industry that features lots of business-related gospel music, country music, and Contemporary Christian music. There are other attractions like Vanderbilt University and the State Capitol building. This is indeed one of the fastest and fun ways to experience the city of Nashville and its numerous attractions.

19 Must See Attractions In Nashville

1. Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

The Country Music Hall of fame and museum is one of the main reasons tourists travel all the way from their country to Nashville. It is a 350,00 square feet real estate with countless rotating special exhibitions, countless artifacts, and two performance theaters. The museum has a permanent installation “Sing Me Back” which lets the visitors experience the evolution of country music from the 19th century to the present.


2. The Hermitage

The Hermitage is located in the outskirts of Nashville. It is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the area. It has 1000 acre, and its center of attraction is the seventh US president’s mansion. The Hermitage was initially opened as a museum in 1889, and it is surrounded with gardens and grounds, it also has the Jackson family tomb which serves a The new million-dollar exhibit. It also features a dive into the life of Andrew Jackson.


3. Bluebird Cafe

People and tourists all over the city of Nashville go to the Bluebird Café to listen to their favorite songs and the stories behind it directly from their maker. The Café hosts different songwriters all over the world to say their story and entice the visitors.


4. Grand Ole Opry

If you’re trying to experience the music of Nashville, you haven’t if you don’t visit the Grand Ole Opry. The stage is like a time machine where country musicians and songwriters from the present, past, and future meet. The back tour is a sweet treat with its behind-the-scenes secrets, the famous Opry 18 themed dress, and you can even be lucky enough to see the “The Circle” itself.
John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge
The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is a steel-trussed bridge that connects downtown with the quiet of mellow East Nashville. The bridge was completed in 1909 and has a clear view of the picturesque Cumberland. Different commuter, runners and sightseers can be seen crossing the bridge at almost every time of the day.


5. Ryman Auditorium

This was the previous home of the Grand Ole Opry, and it is now the home for hallowed performance for different genres of music’s as well as authors and comedians. It is famed for its acoustics and pew seating and a good experience for your concert career.


6. Broadway Honky-Tonks

The Broadway Honky-Tonks is filled with different Honky-Tonks like the Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and Robert’s western world, and even the locals are unable to stay away from it. It also has a trendier establishment like the Dierks Bentleys Whiskey Row, The Valentine, and the Acne Feed and Seed.


7. Radnor Lake State Park

Offering 1,300 acres of serene forests, trails, and wildlife, the Radnor Lake area, is a literal breath of fresh air for cooped-up Nashvillans. And this natural treasure offers even more than just exercise and a break from daily stressors: The new aviary and education center can turn your visit into a full-on learning experience.
This is one of the national treasures of Nashville. It has over 1,300 acres of forests, wildlife, and trails. The State Park offers an escape from your daily hustle and bustle and provides a fresh breath from nature itself. It also has a new education and aviary center that is sure to refresh your memory.


8. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

You definitely won’t regret stopping at the Brier Distillery for some history lesson and wine tasting. The Nelsons were able to revive their forefathers business in 2009. There is a tour available to guide the visitors back to the past when the distillery was shut down during Prohibition and their apparent comeback.


9. The Parthenon

The Parthenon was first created as an exhibit in the 1897 Centennial Exposition. It has a full-scale replica of the Athens that became so popular to the point it became a permanent fixture in Nashville. Over the years, different updates include the 42-feet-tall Athena statue and an overhaul of the structure’s exterior. If you get a chance to visit, make sure you see the beautiful art museum at the lower level.


10. Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

This is one of the most beautiful residences in Nashville. It is a 55-acre resident filled with both locals and visitors from around the world. It has different attractions that include exhibits from around the world, the Cheek Mansion art gallery, and the 12 sprawling gardens among others.


11. Frist Art Museum

No matter your taste in art, the Frist Art Museum is sure to leave you begging for more. It was formally the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, and it is housed in a deco building. This hub for visual art display artwork from the local to the regional levels, it also houses different national and international exhibitions.


12. Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo has continued to thrive as a natural attraction since it took over the Grassmere properties in 1996. It has fun and interactive exhibits like the Lorikeet Landing and the Critter Encounters. It also has different exhibits like the flamingos, African elephants, and the meerkats to keep both local and visitors amazed.


13. Goo Goo Shop and Dessert Bar

This is no ordinary treat. It is the first of its kind to produce combination candy like marshmallow nougat, a swirl of caramel, and much more. The Goo Goo Shop and dessert bar gives you a history lesson about itself and also a direct view of the talented candy makers.


14. Third Man Records

The Third Man Records is a record label that launched in 2001. It is the place when the man from Detroit (Jack White) got his white stripes and became a Nashvillian. Since then, the record label has expanded to a novelties lounge, music venue, a record store, and much more.


15. “I Believe in Nashville” Murals

These Murals probably have the most photo op in all of Nashville. Adrien Saporiti, a Nashville city native, scattered the four of them across the city; One in 12 South and another in Marathon Village, the other two can be found in East Nashville. He made them an extension of his merch brand.


15. Belle Meade Plantation

The Belle Meade was once a historic mansion before it became a mansion in 1845 and was also added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1969. The tours are a mix of bother leisure and learning with sights and locations like the wine tasting area, Victorian architecture, and civil war history.


16. Johnny Cash Museum

If you’re a fan of Man in Black of Die-hard, you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster when you move around the museum dedicated to the life of Johnny Cash. The museum fully encompasses his legacy moving from the beginning of Arkansas to the blockbuster Folsom Prison performance. The tour will leave most fans in tears.


17. First Tennessee Park

The First Tennessee Park is filled with different state-of-the-art facilities that will give you a good workout. Some of the most recent addition to the park includes a guitar-shaped scoreboard and a massive ballpark that gives a clear view of the field. The stadium host different concerts and the city’s soccer club matches.


18. Santa’s Pub

The Santa’s pub is one of the most prominent karaoke spots in all of Nashville. It has year-round Christmas lights and a double-wide trailer with, of course, a beard and jolly owner. Locals and tourists from around town love to show their talents in the area. The atmosphere is always festive and is sure to be a treat to both locals and visitors.


Places To Stay in Nashville, TN

Stay {somewhere} Awesome! That’s our motto and for good reason! Music City Loft guarantees an authentic Nashville experience as we invite our guests to live like a local (even if it is just for a few days)! Whether it’s for a business trip or vacation getaway if you’re looking to find Nashville lofts for rent you’ve come to the right place!


9 Fall Music Events in Nashville

Nashville is the home of music. It’s no coincidence we are called Music City. All year long, the music stays as a big part of our lives. While we can’t pin down every music event or concert, we can help out with the most significant music events that will be taking place this season in Nashville.

Music City Loft is the place to be as we offer the best networking and accommodation to help you enjoy your experience in Nashville. Very few vacation rentals genuinely espouse the essence of music festivals as we do. If you are coming with the whole family, your best buddies, a girls trip, or traveling around the country, we bring you the full Nashville experience of good vibes and comfort with packages that are affordable and loaded with benefits.

If you are short of ideas on how to spend your holiday, be sure to check out Ms. Cheap list of 76 things to keep you occupied between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. While staying at Music City Loft’s Nashville vacation rentals, there are many festivals you can be a part of. Here goes:

1. Americana Music Festival – Nashville’s Fall Festivals (SEPTEMBER 11-16)

Every year represents an opportunity for the Americana Music Association to gather thousands of fans, artists, and industry professionals from different corners of the earth in Nashville. The festival is odds-on to feature up to 500 live music performances spread out across many music venues in downtown Nashville. Part of this year’s headliners includes Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tommy Emmanuel, Ron Pope, Lee Ann Womack & Friends, John Oates, Brandy Clark, Jerry Douglas, Shook Twins, Mary Gauthier, and much more.


2. Harvest Night – Nashville Summer Music Events September 15

Music, food, and wine festival all rolled into one

Harvest Night assembles a plethora of signature dishes made by world-renowned chefs combined with good music at Music City Walk of Fame Park. Mouth-watering food paired with breathtaking music make for a memorable Music City experience. Kings of Leon is this year’s headliner with an impressive lineup of artists to perform alongside the group as they churn out turns from the 80s. Chefs in attendance include Tandy Wilson, Jonathan Waxman, Matt Bolus, Tiffani Faison, Matthew McClure, Matt Bolus, Margot McCormack, and more.


3. Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival – Nashville Fall Music Events (SEPTEMBER 22-23)

A new festival recently found its way to Franklin, down the road from Music City. This festival embodies the spirit of community with a day of history, friendship, and to enjoy a tremendous experience. This year’s lineup includes big industry names Lionel Richie, Hozier, Jack White, Dawes, Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, and more.


4. Nashville Symphony Free Day of Music – Nashville’s Fall Festivals

The Nashville Symphony and Schermerhorn Symphony Center are allowing public access to their theatre and instruments in celebration of the yearly Free Day of Music. With more than 20 performers scheduled to perform, live music will be on display on all stages inside and outside the symphony center. There is also a beer zone, kids’ garden, and food vendors to make the trip worthwhile.


5. Marathon Music Works – Nashville Fall Music Events (OCTOBER 25-NOVEMBER 2)

Halloween Concert included.

Music is the essence of any celebration. Journey to Music city where you will encounter a variety of venues with a Halloween concert. Be sure to check out Young the Giant, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jason Isbell, and so much more. Make sure you check out other Halloween events to have a varied and complete experience.


6. Nashville House Concerts – Nashville Fall Music Events (CONCERT SERIES)

The first Thursday of each month is a special day in Nashville if you are a fan of indoors music with a twist.

Storme Warren of SiriusXM radio station hosts this distinctive Nashville experience on the first Thursday of every month where he uses his make-shift living room on the WMA stage to showcase a diverse blend of talent from accomplished songwriters, music legends, chart-topping artists, and rising stars. Each show promises quality interviews, musical performances, and unpredictable fun.


7. Musicians Corner – Nashville Summer Music Events SEPTEMBER SUNDOWN – (CONCERT SERIES)

Occurs: September 6, 13, 20, & 27

Musicians corner offers a free concert every Thursday in September at Centennial Park. The concert will be promoting the likes of Amy Stroup, Birdtalker, and The Whigs. There will also be local artisans, food trucks, and Kidsville activities in attendance to make the event memorable.


8. Full Moon Pickin Party – Nashville Fall Music Events

Occurs: September 28 and October 26

With a full moon overhead, three headline acts dominate the stage while roots pickers and bluegrass jam in circles under the trees and around the site that is the Percy Warner Park Equestrian Center from 7-11pm. This is what the Full Moon Pickin Party is all about. It serves as a family-friendly event and a fundraiser where all proceeds are given to protect Warner Parks.


9. Ryman Auditorium – Nashville Fall Music Events

Occurs: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, November 2-December 29

Every year, the Grand Ole Opry heads back to one of its previous homes Ryman Auditorium. Pas performers include Chris Young, Carly Pearce, John Oates, Martina McBride, and many more.



Music City Loft is one of the highest rated vacation rentals in Nashville, Tennessee, as our units embody the spirit of music, festival, and highly efficient staff. Our family-friendly vacation rental caters to every visitor’s needs. Music City is the place where music lives. Music is written, inspired, recorded, and performed here in Music City as it serves as a melting point for different genres of music that can be witnessed at more than 100 venues in town throughout the year.