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A message from our founder & CEO

 Danielle Dubetz, CEO of Music City LoftOver the last few years, online travel agencies (OTAs for short) have erupted in popularity and are trying extremely hard to take over the market. With their large inventory and nearly limitless availability, these sites can be great tools to jump start your search for the perfect accommodation on your next trip however, they are lacking what real Property Management companies offer such as, a local team that knows the area,  boots on the ground customer service and transparency. Learn how to save big on your next trip to Nashville. 

Third Party Booking Sites: What they don’t want you to know

All that convenience comes at a cost 12 – 20% to be exact. Since these third party sites are just booking engines they do not own any of the properties they advertise. They make their money by listing properties and charge the property owners a listing fee. That means that in order to break even, we have to raise our nightly cost, which ends up costing you, the consumer, hard-earned money. When you book directly with a Property Management company like Music City Loft you not only save money but you are booking with a licensed Realtor that has both yours and the home owners best interest at heart.

Check out these examples of the cost for the same room on the same dates when you book with an OTA/ third party booking site vs. booking direct with Music City Loft:

book direct vacation rentals

book direct vacation rentals - Willie

book direct vacation rentals - Elvis

book direct vacation rentals - Dolly

You may see our lofts advertised on these sites but when you book a Music City Loft property with one of them, everybody loses except for the OTA giants…  The consumer ( YOU) ends up paying 12% more for the same product and Music City Loft ( US) loses out on a chunk of our sales and feels awful that our wonderful guests had to pay extra just for finding out lofts on one of these sites.

What Can You Do?

It’s easy, just BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE BIG! By booking directly with a locally owned property management company like Music City Loft, you’ll get the lowest price PERIOD. No OTA fees, no 3rd party markups, just the lowest rate possible.

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