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Any entrepreneur, regardless of industry or niche they are in, is interested in achieving freedom. They want to be financially free and make their money work for them. They want to be free from the business grind and gain more time with their loved ones. They want to live life according to their own terms without being held back by unfair social and political perspectives.

If these are your biggest desires as an entrepreneur, you are in the right place. Welcome to Becoming Freedom Queen (thru Airbnb and Other Things), the podcast that will lead you to financial freedom, short-term rental success, and a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Embark on a transformative odyssey with Danielle “Dani” Dubetz, Airbnb entrepreneur. Discover her path to personal, spiritual, and financial liberation as she unveils the vital lessons in branding, marketing, company culture, and personal growth that empowered her to reshape her existence and attain financial independence. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of how she manifests dreams through the realms of Airbnb entrepreneurship and investing.

Experience Dani’s inspiring Airbnb journey in each episode as she unveils the mindset shifts and strategies that propelled her to success. Uncover the story of how she transformed $62K into an eight-figure Airbnb portfolio, emerging as a top brand amidst intense competition and economic constraints that have compelled others to close shop.

Dani is on a mission to share the branding, marketing, company culture and personal growth lessons that empowered her to redesign her life and find financial freedom. Listen as she manifests dreams through Airbnb entrepreneurship and investing. Discover effective strategies to market rental spaces in the most captivating manner and ensure they always remain impeccably maintained. Gain useful insights on reaching potential clients, expanding your reach, and effectively managing negative feedback. By mastering the ins and outs of Airbnb entrepreneurship, you can become a go-to name in this space.

Be inspired as Dani reveals how her actual challenges taught her resiliency, perseverance, and versatility. Despite facing toxic relationships, loss, and self-doubt, Dani persevered and embarked on an inspiring journey to claim the throne as the reigning Queen of Airbnb.

When she started in real estate, nothing would flip. Though successful as a Florida TV news reporter, she discovered the industry was not as it seemed. She even spent thousands of dollars on gurus trying to find her value as a woman, but to no avail. In search of a greater purpose, Dani chose to pursue a seemingly unattainable dream of a music career, drawing her towards the vibrant city of Nashville. Along her journey, she worked as a waitress, golf cart attendant, and volleyball coach, embracing diverse roles that shaped her path.

Driven by a desire for freedom, Dani broke away the news industry to pursue her passion for music and entrepreneurial ventures in the realm of Airbnb. Serendipity smiled on her when she became part of her family’s house flipping business, earning her valuable experience and credentials. Yet, her aspirations reached far beyond the realm of her kin as she transformed her part-time Airbnb gig into a flourishing, multi-million-dollar real estate enterprise known as MusicCityLoft.com. Dani was also able to find her strong feminine side by going for all-natural home births twice, valuing freedom over doctors dictating her motherhood voyage.

Learning a ton from her journey, Dani is now highly supportive and encouraging to women who aspire to set up passive income through real estate. In this podcast, she dedicates herself to helping others become financially secure and live freely. Learn with Dani and her community of women entrepreneurs. Level up and become a freedom-driven woman that does not back down in the face of surrender.

Listen to Becoming Freedom Queen (thru Airbnb and Other Things) at https://musiccityloft.com.


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