Nashville, popularly known as the Music city, lies in the capital of Tennessee in the state of Cumberland River. The city is proclaimed the “Athens of the South” because of its numerous universities and colleges. It was founded in 1779, and it became a capital for country music. It also has its roots in finance of the state.

The city is the best starting point for the exploration of Tennessee. Its surroundings are rich in recreational and historical attractions like the civil war sites and the old plantations.

1. Music Row: The Heart of Nashville

Music Row is arguably the heart and soul of the nation’s music. It is the area that surrounds the famous Music Square. Many plaques and memorials are associating to music in the area. Apart from that, there are numerous memorabilia and souvenir dedicated to music and musicians just for sale.

It also has a special treat for the Country fans, the Country Music Hall of Fame is sure to be mesmerizing. The hub of Nashville is also connected to other musical genres like gospels and RnB. The Music Row is filled with recording studios, radio, record labels, and TV stations. It is one the best places to connect to your music whether you are shopping, sight-seeing, or just having fun.

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2. The Nashville Parthenon

The Nashville Parthenon is located in Centennial Park, just a few minutes to the city center. It was originally built with wood in 1897 and was later reconstructed with cement on the same site. The 19th and 20th-century American painters made a 42-foot-high replica of Athena Parthenos covered with gold leaf. Another notable attraction in this region is the replica of the 5th Century BC Parthenon Marbles.

3. The Grand Ole Opry

The name Opry has a lot of attractions attached to it, some of them include The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Conventional center, General Jackson, the huge Opry Mills shopping mall, and much more. The Grand Ole Opry started broadcasting since 1925; it created an avenue for visitors to enjoy the regular show with Ole Opry himself, along with backstage tours.

General Jackson also helps you to get your Country music fix. It has a prevalent four-deck paddle-wheel showboat that is a replica of the steamship from the 1800s, with other varieties of cruises, including show and dining packages. Other attractions in the area are the Friends Museum and General Store, the Willie Nelson, the Nashville Opera, and the Texas Troubadour Theatre.

4. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a scintillating building located in the heart of downtown Nashville. Its windows resemble the keys of a piano. The museum features different attractions like the multi-media display of costumes, historical performances, gold records, memorabilia, and instruments. Other attraction to look forward to in the museum includes a Cadillac that once belonged to Elvis, a tour bus, a recording booth, and a massive 40-foot guitar.

5. The Tennessee State Capitol

The Tennessee State Capitol is located in the most prominent hill in downtown Nashville. It has a temple-like lantern shape with neoclassical style. The construction of the building started in 1845, and the foundations were made with local Tennessee limestone, the structure serves as an anchor to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall and also links with the downtown core. Different guided tours are available in daylight at no expense.

On Legislative days, the public galleries are also open. Inside the building is the Tennessee State Museum which is filled with different exhibits from prehistoric to civil war periods. The museum also displays different paintings, furniture, and weapons. The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State is an attraction on its own, it has a 19-acre site commemorates, and it features huge granite map located in the concrete plaza with other numerous statues and fountains of Presidents Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson.

6. Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium is home to the Grand Ole Opry 1943-1974. The Auditorium was opened in 1974, and it was usually referred to as the ‘Carnegie Hall of the South”. It has been restored and now used to host performances of the famous radio show. It is also used as a museum with varieties of exhibits. Guided tours are available at your disposal but make sure you leave with a personal record in the Ryman recording studio.

7. The Belle Meade Plantation

The Belle Meade Plantation is just a few minutes to the city; it is a beautiful mansion build in 1845 in Greek-Revival style. The civil war of Nashville featured the building where Confederate and Union forces fought against each other in its backyard. It has a massive stone column that shows evidence of gunfire. The mansion is filled with fun seasonal programs and culinary experiences with the guided tours there to help out. There are also grounds and gardens with many 19th-century buildings that are worth exploring.

8. Downtown Presbyterian Church

The beautiful Downtown Presbyterian Church is an exemplary example of Egyptian Revival architecture. The Church is one of the numerous churches in Nashville. The Egyptian theme is continued with the inside decoration of the building, that is; the stained glass window, the woodwork, and the paintings. The building was originally designed to function as a hospital during the civil war. Different events and services are allowed in the building, and guided tours are available for exploration.

9. Fort Nashborough

The Fort Nashborough is established by pioneers in 1780 when James Roberson led them across Cumberland River. The first fort lasted until 1792. The reconstruction features a modern-day touch that provided an insight into the lives of the early settlers.

10. Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is the best place to explore and imagine the plains of Africa, the species of Animals in Asia, and the rainforests of South America. Some of the animals on display include the Baird tapirs, toucans, Bengal tigers, and leopards. There is also an Aviary with over 50 species of Australian parrots and other natural attractions like the Wilderness Express Train, Wild Animal Carousel, and the Gym Jungle where kids can swing, slide, crawl, climb, and explore nature.

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