Nashville is one of the prominent cities when it comes to music. Music served as a way to connect the people in the city. Different tourists have visited Nashville to experience the exceptional music that has found its way into the culture, lifestyle, and business of the people.

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The earliest settlement of Nashville city can be traced back to the 1700s. This century was characterized with buck dancing and fiddles tunes and later embarking on the shores of Cumberland River. The very first celebrity of Nashville city is Congressman Davy Crockett who was known for his fiddle playing and colorful stories.

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Nashville became a recognized center for music publishing in the beginnings of 1800. The Fisk Jubilee Singers from the Nashville’s Fisk University did the first world tour by a musical act in the city. All their efforts were rewarded when Nashville became a global music center, and slaves from Civil war were educated. It was the Queen of England that stated “the Fisk Jubilee Singers must have come from the Music City,” and thus the name came to being.

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History of Iconic Venues In Nashville

In 1982, Captain Tom Ryman built the “Union Gospel Tabernacle”. It immediately became the largest auditorium in the south of Ohio River and was later nicknamed the “Carnage Hall of the South.” It enticed different caliber of fans and musicians all over the world and became one of the most famous venues in Nashville till this moment. The Auditorium bagged in seven “Theatre of the year” of Polistar magazine’s prestigious award in ten years.

One of the musical concerts in the building is the Fisk Jubilee Singers which got its name in honor of Captain Ryman’s death in1904.

Lula Naff managed the auditorium from 1904 to 1955. She was able to book different top musical acts that include Louis Armstrong, John Philip Sousa, Marian Anderson, Caruso, and Nat King Cole.

Lula Naff was also the one that bought the Grand Ole Opry that played on every weekend till 1974. A lot of Country Music Hall of Fame stars performed at the Opry, some of them includes Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Charley Pride, Patsy Cline, and George Jones.

Nashville reputation for music was reassured when the Grand Ole Opry, a radio station WSM, was launched. This helped to spark the durable nickname of the music city. The Opry also became a huge success and staged live every week. It is now also America’s Longest-running radio show that has served for more than 90 years and counting. It helped the ignite the glow of music city, making it a center for touring and recording. The modern-day empire of Music Row, entertainment offices, a collection of recording studios, record labels, and other business-related building filled the areas of the 16th and 17th avenues South.

Bluegrass music was first performed on this iconic stage in December 1945. Chubby Wise played the fiddle, Bill Monroe on mandolin, Ryman and Lester Flatt played the guitar, and Earl Scruggs who plays the banjo joined the group to complete the group.

Today marks 125 years for the Ryman as the one of the prominent concert venue in America. It became a place where different stars play. Some of the famous stars that have played in the area include Diana Ross, The Foo Fighters, Neil Diamond, and much more.

The Ryman is also available for daily tours and visitations. The visitors can stand on the famous stage, watch a documentary about the building, see Ryman memorabilia, and also view the clothes of the Opry performers.


Nashville has helped inspire different songwriters all over the world which arises to its nickname “Songwriting Capital of the world.” There is a famous Bluebird Café that allows a songwriter to perform their music intimately and share the inspiration behind the songs. The NSAI(Nashville Songwriters Association International ) which helps to protect the songwriters’ rights is also headquartered there. Over 300 songwriters performed at venues around town in five days.

Cable television has also helped in broadcasting Nashville around the world. Nashville Bobby Jones hosted a gospel music series on Black Entertainment Television for 37 successful years. CMT and GAC have also helped to take Music City worldwide.

CMT achieved a worldwide population and is in its 5th season. It featured several landmarks, venues, art pieces, and even fashion.

Walk of Fame Park – Story of Music City

Nashville is now a hub for different genres of music that includes Jazz, classical, blues, soul music, rock, pop, and bluegrass. It was also given “Best Music Scene” by Rolling Stone recently. Different modern and famous artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Black Peas, and Bon Jovi has come to the city to write and record their music. Some of them have also chosen to call Nashville their home.

It also lays claims to North America’s largest volume producing vinyl record plant, United Record Pressing. It was opened in 1949, and it has helped to record music for notable figures in music like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, and Bob Dylan.

The home of the renowned GRAMMY award-winning Nashville Symphony, The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is anchored in the outskirts part of town along the route of the recently renoated Music Mile. The center serves as a roadway that connects over $123 million Symphony Center and the music district of Music Row. The Music Row is the new and vibrant entertainment venue on Demonbreun Street. It is also the first center for the Visual Arts, the Music City Wall of Fame, Bridgestone Arena, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Music Mile also serves as a perfect illustration of how music is entangled in the business, entertainment, and cultural sectors of Nashville.

Live performances and musical scenery can be seen and heard almost every corner, every night and day in Nashville. The famous Honkytonks that is located on Broadway can offer free live music every year. The city features almost every genre of music with over 180 musical venues around the town ranging from large arenas to small clubs and concerts.

The musical connection of Nashville to music cannot be rivaled. The reputation of the city has been proven consistently for over 200 years. Welcome to the city where good music is made every single day. You’re sure to find your preference, no matter your taste. Welcome to Music City.

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