NASHVILLE– NFL has announced that our very Own Music City will host the 2019 NFL Draft which will hold on 25-27 April 2019. The Nashville Convention and Visitors Corps has partnered with the Tennessee Titans to lead the bid process for the whole city.

This NFL Draft is set to provide a turn-out of about 20,000-30,000 out-of-town visitors, which will generate lots of hotel bookings. The three-day event is also set to be broadcast on four networks which create national marketing for the city.

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Mayor David Briley “The NFL Draft serves just another wonderful opportunity to introduce sports to Nashville and also show off the city. I appreciate all the hard work of the Titans, and the Convention & Visitors Corp and others for winning the bid. We can’t wait to host the league’s future stars, 31 NFL team, the fans, and the international and national next spring.”

Amy Adams Strunk, Tennessee Titans Controlling Owner: “ The city of Nashville is still amazing for getting being the host of the 2019 NFL Draft. The Titan and the whole city has put a lot of energy into this proposal and can’t wait to a see it happen next year. I would love to thank NFL and Commissioner Goodell for this rare opportunity. I would also like to thank Scott Ramsey at the Sports Council, Metro Nashville Government, Butch Spyridon and every other individual that contributed to this event. Nashville is an entertainment destination, and we can’t wait to show the football world what it’s like on a larger stage”.

“Nashville is honored to host the 2019 NFL Draft. We are prepared to deliver a unique Music City experience and an NFL-caliber event. I would like to thank the Titans and owner, Amy Adams Strunk, for their support and the NFL for their confidence.”

Butch Spyridon, president, and CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp: “The Music City is honored for the wonderful opportunity of hosting the 2019 NFL Draft. We are thrilled to present the best of Nashville experience and NFL caliber event. I would like to show appreciation to the owner of Titans, Amy Adams Strunk, and the whole team for the support, and NFL for its confidence in us”.

Over 2000 credentialed media covered the event that was held in April 2018, and over 45 million broadcast viewers were watching it throughout the three days in three national networks.

Philadelphia recorded over $56.1 million on direct spending and around $7?9 million on local and state taxes when it hosted the 2017 NFL Draft. The Rooney night sold figure was 18,991 with over 250 000 attendance within the three states representing 42 states.

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